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先週、パネルディスプレイ関連のイベント「FPD International 2013」にてタッチパネル研究所さんのブースで一日ライブペインティングをしてきました。FPDとは、Flat Panel Displayの略称です。元々アナログ人間で絵も全て手描きなのですが、最近ペンタブを買いまして・・・なんとなく〜な感じでぺたぺた描いていました。

I was painting with touch panel display at FPD International 2013 last week (FPD = Flat Panel Display), was invited by Touchpanel Laboratories. I'm actually very analogical for art though, I recently got a tablet pen... I'm getting used to manage it?


I took only one photo from that... I was really concentrated on drawings. I made 5 or 6 works, then those works were printed out with information of Touchpanel Laboratories and supplied to visitors.


After the event, I had a tea with a guy who called me to this. The place was in Yokohama city. I'm living in Yokohama but very close to Tokyo so I feel 'oh I came to real Yokohama!' This photo describes...