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Final working


From this week we're starting to built our show.
Although I finished making pictures for it, haven't finished framing and
the books. but nearly finished it.

Actually, I'm not really good at craft (I want the assistants!).
I'm be careful of pasting papers.

And I started to put the progress on Flickr.
I put on few photos now, and will add more!


My class...


The last Tuesday, there was a lecture of an illustrator Marcus Oakley.
We had a good opportunity with him, then our tutor Janet gave a tea party.

They were very pretty cakes but... a banana?
After that some of us visit to BA degree show at our campus.
Next week we're going to start preparing our show.
I haven't made folding books so bought staffs today.
Plus colour pencils which are for my working.

Look! Long long receipt...!
I paid around 80 pounds (ink jet print paper, pencils etc),
a staff at London Graphic Centre was surprised.


Father's day!


Today is father's day so I draw this for my father.
The triangle form is from a mark of male toilet.

Yesterday I finished to make all of pictures for final project,
then it should be printed out and put in frames.
Last night, my mother came to talk with me on skype
it was around mid-night in London.
We enjoyed talking about dogs (till 2am?)
woke up at 10am... so I'm still sleepy!


Craftacular again!


Here's same information as NEWS.
Before the degree show, I can join and sell some staffs there.
I'll be there alone so does anyone want to help me??
I should ask for my friends.


My dogs


I just completed pictures of my three dogs.
This white poodle Nana which lives with my parents in Japan.
She's two years and seven months old.
Nana (2007-)

This is my first dog Coo-tan (? - 2001), he was lost in the park.
So we didn't know his age, sort, everything.

Her name is Nana (2002-2008) as well, she was my second dog.
She came from divorced family when she was 10 month old.
At 6 years old, she suddenly died by cancer of spleen.
One week later we decided having new dog, that was white poodle Nana.

I want to continue this work as another project.
Perhaps, their friends will be added.




Here's some postcards which I got yesterday.
Firstly, the summer show of CSM foundation course
I went to see works by my friends.

Then, visited to fashion show at Royal College of Arts.
It was the first time for me to see fashion show lively.
always watched it on TV.

Lastly, went to MA degree show by Slade School of Arts.
I got together other friends there and had a dinner
but I was already tired and sleepy...sorry for them!


Hitting dog, Nana


I really miss Nana and other dogs recently.
but have to be patient until going to back to Japan.

Today I went to school, there's only few days we go there...
The time has been passed quickly.


For next new works


This sketch was drawn at new cafe which I went yesterday.
After finishing my reflective paper, I'll make it.
The top with my mobile phone,
is a character from Mister Donuts' French Wooler.


Beautiful Friday


I now came back home as having lunch.
New cafe was opened which is near my residence.

People were lying on the grass.


About today, and started Twitter!


I had to buy my pants today... went into the crowded place.
so tired, my legs are crazy.
I got a CD, Avi Buffalo, that's very nice music and artwork as well.

Their website

I'm working on my project this month,
reflective paper, which is until next Monday...!
I have to do but don't like writing.

And... I started Twitter a short time ago.
To be honest, I don't know how to separate it and blog.
I think my tweet will be rubbish!
You can please follow me!!

My news was uploaded that's about final degree show.
There's not only information but also our blog, Flickr and Twitter.
click→ NEWS

Anyway, good night.