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▶︎ NEXT EVENT・これからの予定


One more event in this month

香港のギャラリーODD ONE OUTにて明日より開催されるZineの展示会「Zine Scene 2015」に新作のZineを展示することになりました。作品はプリントスタジオInk Cha Chaのリソグラフ印刷によって制作されます。多くの素敵なZINEの展示会になると思います!

Zine Scene 2015 is Zine exhibition by a gallery in Hong Kong ODD ONE OUT starting tomorrow!
I'll show new zine. The works are printed by Risograph at studio Ink Cha Cha.


This illustration is a part of my zine. I'm very excited to see the completing! Rio printing is the first time for me :) but Hong Kong is just next to Japan, but I feel it's far from here :( I'd love to visit to the show very much (need to check my money!) !

Zine Scene 2015  2015. 2/11 Wed 〜3/8 Sun
at ODD ONE OUT (http://oddoneout.hk)
G/F, 14 St Francis Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

先日、渋谷の神南に新しくオープンしたgoen℃ gallery storeのオープニングパーティーへ少しだけお邪魔してきました。ライブも終わってしまった後に到着したので、本当に少しだけに。でも賑やかだった〜。

Last Friday, I went to the opening party of new shop goen℃ gallery store in Shibuya. Although I stayed a short time, the party was very busy!


My item is here. I couldn't talk with everyone, but I met two people and the one of them was yusamajka who did performance the second party on Saturday.