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Franz Marc

 I'm attracted to his paintings.

He loved animals, and
expressed his strong emotion with bright colours.

Animal Destinies.

and news!
I'm going to participant Art Market at LCC next month.
Check it at my news and the website.




This is 'Fire Like This' by Blood Red Shoes.
I think they just back from the live performance in Japan.
These songs include beautiful lyrics and sensitive melody.

I'm going to their live performance next month.




I feel a pain inside my nose... and remembered bad things in my experiences.

I bought this note book in London, but I found same one in Japan.
I decided to write down something in Japanese on this book.
It can't be expressed in my journal and sketch book. Like note of secret


Nana and Puff


How are they in Japan?
Nana is my dog. Puff is my friend but she might not be a friend of Nana.