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個展が金曜からなんて信じられん!と焦りながら絵描いてグッズ用の注文してしまいにはめちゃくちゃ印刷会社さんに迷惑をかけて(いるような)、そんな一週間でした。制作ももう終盤だけど気を抜けない。でも始まるのがすごい楽しみな気持ちは同じ!展示と一緒に新しいグッズを販売するんだけど、納品されるまでなんか不安なので(←かなり神経質)それまで写真アップしない!!ネタバレするとバッグとTシャツとiPhone 5/5sケースです。ケースが・・いいものができるといいなぁ(泣)

I can't believe my exhibition starts from Friday! I'm so nervous to do everything for that, also I'm sorry that I ordered lots of requests to printing company. Last week was horrible for me! It's already final part but I can't be relaxed anything, on the other hand, I'm so excited my show is from Friday (very unstable feeling!). I'll sell new items - bags, Tshirts and iPhone 5/5s cases. I'm just waiting to receive them.


Nana stepped on my works! She was just standing as I paid attention. Anyway, she shows she feels weird when I ask 'Where's Coo-tan?'.


アメリカで行われているBEST IN SHOWの様子がアップされたので、拝借しました。

These photos are taken from Double Punch Gallery's blog, about BEST IN SHOW.
Please have a look the URL below, the show is in two months.

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BEST IN SHOW at Double Punch Gallery
starting from 16th November

works by:
Alyssa Kazew, Andy Gabrysiak, Cam Floyd, Chris Kuzma, Dadu Shin, Edward Cheverton, Emily Partridge, Evah Fan, Gemma Correll, Ginette Lapalme, Graham Yarrington, Heather Kahn, Hiromi Ueyoshi, Hisashi Okawa, James Ulmer, Jason Furie, Jesse Balmer, Jing Wei, JooHee Yoon, Julian Birchman, Julianna Brion, KJ Martinet, Kris Mukai, Laurel Mahaffey, Leah Wishnia, Lo Sassen, Laura Perez-Harris, Luke Pelletier, Matt Houston, Marlene Frontera, Michael Sieben, Mike Bear, Mildred, Michael Olivo, Nanae Kawahara, Nick Illuzada, Niv Bavarsky, Noah Frase, Pacolli, Ping Zhu, Robyn Ng, Roman Muradov, Sam D’Orazio, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Tom Hunter, Tom Toye, Torie Leigh, Travis Millard, Victo Ngai, Zach Vaupen, Zejian Shen


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