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Spring holiday starded


I'm in Spring holiday now and often at home.
But I went out last Saturday for looking outside.

The Indian Portrait from 1560 to 1860 at National Portrait Gallery,
And 'Wait' Franz Ackerman at White Cube.
Walking to SOHO and then arrived Carnaby Street.
There's exhibition of 50th anniversary at Carnaby St.
After that, had a tea and bought some food...

I'm going to have an exhibition (just only 1day!) with my class next month.
Put the information next time!


Blood Red Shoes and Underground Railroad


Hello, thanks for coming Arts Market last week.
The weekend I enjoyed to see a live performance which was Blood Red Shoes.

Thank you very much Blood Red Shoes.


Arts Market

 It's until tomorrow 9pm.

Our group's stall.
Almost my stuffs are quite old work but I made some new items.

These are brooches which came to be more gorgeous.

Arts Market at LCC till tomorrow 9pm.


The first week of March


Sketched with my class at cafe.
And I visited two places which are really fun and amazing.

SHUNT (London Bridge)

The Market Estate Project

>>> NEWS From next Monday
Art Market at LCC


Music, Fashion and having tea!

 I went to see something last Friday as my essay was finished.

Free performance of Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band at Southbank.

Stained glass's pop-up?!

London Fashion Weekend

Bou Tea ..... http://www.boutealondon.com/