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1 DAY EXHIBITION - It was successfully finished.


Last night, we finished our only one day exhibition.
We were really happy a lot of people was coming.

I want to thank to Simone, Petra and Alice who organised this exhibition.
And also everybody at this exhibition, many thanks.
We could have a great experience.
Our next show is in this summer. My project will be illustration books.

This is my illustration which was displayed.
I chose at 6am, it's connected to my dream.
My final work contains dream, I always have dream, dream...dream!


1 DAY EXHIBITION - Monday 19th


Hello, I haven't uploaded my blog... sorry.
Next Monday 19th, 24 students in my illustration class are going to held 1day exhibition at Brick Lane.
My new illustration will be displayed.
The theme is 'Moments of Magic in modern life', 24 illustrators are gave an hour each and express the magic on their work.
My hour is 6am, I'm still sleeping so I was inspired from my dream.
The image (above) is the sketch.
Please come to our exhibition, it's only one day!
Private view is from 5pm to the end.

Here's more information → NEWS

I met really pretty girls when I visited to Winsor Palace with my friends.
I haven't seen dogs for a long time, so this time made me happy.
My dog Nana is growing up every day because my parents sent me her photo, her nose changed to light pink...! Her nose was black... I was shocked...