a week left


Diamond Jubilee on my PC and working in progress
I did all illustration for my show in London, but it isn't enough as I'll make more for Tokyo's show (because Tokyo one is at gallery). So I went to order for my prints today. Until my exhibition is started, I can be relaxed, but it's at all the time, I feel very nervous, annoyed...but never mind as it's normal for me.


I hadn't seen deers at ally park recently but it doesn't matter. I was invited for my host family's wedding ceremony which was the biggest event for me (Jubilee) weekend!


I think Beatles' picture is quite strong...anyway, there is Chuppah with lovely flags.
The family came down with dancing!


The last photo expresses 'let's have a party!' I went back earlier with their kids and put them to sleep. It was the third time to attend wedding, I felt really impressed and enjoyed (first one was normal, second one was Christian, then this one was casual Jewish!). I appreciate to be invited and very very celebrate them. And I have to send these photos till this weekend.