doodle diary - third week June

この絵は日曜にELCAF - East London Comic & Art Festivalに行った日ので夜はAnnaと折り紙で遊んだ。
Once a week, I post my illustration diary on my blog which is normally updated on my instagram.
This one is that I went to ELCAF - East London Comic & Art Festival and played origami with Anna after that
and I got a cold
- on Sunday.

from Mon 11 to Sat 16 June.

The Book Clubで重い朝ご飯を食べながら楽しいプロジェクトのお話をしたり、ずっとぬいぐるみを作ってたり、
展示会が始まったり、強風のGreenwich Parkへ行ったり。

I enjoyed talking about fantastic project with my new friend, I spent lots of time for making toys,
my show has been started, and I went to Greenwich Park with my friends and strong winds.

What is happened this week?