prepare for events this year

今週の金曜から日曜にかけて参加するTOKYO ART BOOK FAIR、チラシが届きました。金曜のレセプションパーティーにはインビテーションが必要になります。もう少し涼しくなるといいなぁ。

I received flyers from TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR (from Friday to Sunday), you would need invitation if you'd like to come on Friday is the reception party. It's still a bit hot and humid weather in Japan, hope this week could be cooler!


This post cards are for my solo exhibition in Tokyo, feel free to contact me if you'd like the one.
And also I made new cards.

SMILE JAPANのメンバーが全員日本にいるのでここでにいも一緒に再結集しました。図書館のポストカード買ったよ。バッヂは相馬市の震災孤児への寄付金を得るためにかずさんが作ったもの。かずさんはもう少しでロンドンへ戻っちゃうけどまたロンドンか東京で会おうね。

Last Monday, I went to Kazu's exhibition in Tokyo.
Now members from SMILE JAPAN are in Japan so Kazu, Yuki and I got together there. I bought one post card of her illustration about library. She will go back to London soon, hope to see her soon!

She always follows me.