The Lowry


It's about in two week for going back to Japan! I was packing my stuffs all day today. But recently I'm doing several things so it's hard to keep... my brain is working. I met up Chie last week to do something, also I'll go to her house tomorrow, hope it goes well.

先週一泊だけだったけど、マンチェスターに行ってきました。Joy Divisionのマンチェ、Oasisのマンチェ、The Smithのマンチェ・・・それといって音楽ネタは見つからなかったけど芸術系はいろいろみれたのが楽しかった。

Last week I went to Manchester only one night. Joy Division, Oasis, The Smith... I didn't see music things though, some art galleries are amazing.


I stayed Susu (my host family's mom)'s mother Carole's house. I found doodles on the board but not by Anna and Asher, these are their cousins Eva and Max :) I added mine too.

実は一番見たかった、画家Lowry(ラウリー)の美術館、The Lowry。彼の歴史も見れるし、絵もたくさん見れるしもう全部見た気分で満足した!また行きたいなーーー!

This is The Lowry which I really wanted to visit in Manchester. I'm very very satisfied but want to go again.