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昨日の夜に国際化教育研究機構ROME Cafe主催アート&国際交流のイベントにゲストアーティストとして参加させて頂きました。みんなこれらの犬を一匹お持ちいただき、私のインタビューの際には「わんわん!」と言って頂きました笑。お越しいただいたみなさま、楽しい時間をありがとうございました。なんか久しぶりにテンション上がってずっと笑いっぱなしだったような気がします。

Last night, I was invited to an event for art&international exchange by ROME Cafe (Research Organization for Multicultural Education) as a guest. I gave these dogs to them, and asked to say bow wow! when I had an interview. I appreciate to people came to this event and had a fun, I think I was laughing all the time and was very excited.

時は変わって先週の水曜日。I'm talking about last Wednesday.



I went to a gig by Sawako Takeuchi, which I worked for her CD artworks. The place was at Strobe Cafe in Kitasando, it was so comfortable. The other musicians were a pianist naho♪ and a singer Akiko Yasumoto, they gave beautiful sounds. It was actually the first time to listen her songs including J-pops, R&B, Jazz... I was so impressed. She's going to Boston in May so she won't have her gigs in few years but hope she would have one after coming back. 

Here's the link of her blog about this gig (in Japanese) :)