CD artwork


My recent work has finished which I posted before. I worked for CD artwork design, the singer is Sawako Takeuchi who normally works as a dentist but sometimes sings. She wanted a designer to make her first CD. I felt nervous a little because she looks cool beauty, but she's warm and calm and also very honest person. I met her at Daikanyama Sunday Session. She's going to Boston soon, so she's having a final gig in Tokyo today before leaving. It sounds a bit sad, however, I'm going to see it :)


This week, it's equinoctial week in Japan. I visited to graves for greeting to my ancestors with my family. I hadn't been there as I was in London over three years. Last year my aunt (my mom's older sister) passed away, so I could see her again at her grave. I took this photo there, I don't mind that it's able to see a word of toilet (トイレ) ...