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▶︎ NEXT EVENT・これからの予定



Newsでもお知らせしましたように、東急ハンズ渋谷店7階のハンズ・ギャラリー・マーケットで明日から5月18日まで一ヶ月、グッズを販売します。今回は絵が描かれたバッグ、DOOOOOGS !!展からのポストカード、ミニシール、♡くんブローチ、バッヂを販売します。

Although I told on news page, I'm going to sell my stuffs at Hands Gallery Market in Tokyu Hands Shibuya from tomorrow to 18th May: bags with my illustration, postcards from my exhibition DOOOOOGS!! , small stickers, heart brooches, and badges.


I was going to make new type one. I sometimes made toy stuffs so I was thinking to make sewing one, however it spends material costs and lots of times and also I feel something like fiber allergy. Then I gave it up this time. Finally I decided making these badges by cray. I was planing it for a long time ago but I'm not good at making 3D, I didn't know which cray I use, then then then I did!

Please have a look the real one!