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I'm packing everything...


This is George again, he was introduced in this blog before.
So I visited to my friend's home-stay house as they moved to new house.
I've been packing as I have to leave from residence hall.
I'm going back to my former home-stay from next month, but, before that I'm living at flat for a while.

I went to Brighton last week, it was really great!
We ate Fish and chips at lunch, however... the bone stuck to my throat.
so went to hospital there, then a doctor took it.. it was horrible!
I appreciate and apologize to my friends as we spent around three hours in the hospital.
The sea was very beautiful, we walked to Brighton Pier and I found a board which is the part of that face is cut out. It reminds me of appearing on a music clip by Blood Red Shoes.

I want to go again.


そのあと海沿いを歩いてブライトンピアという遊ぶところ行ってBlood Red Shoesのビデオに出てくるやつだ、を見つけて疲れて帰りました。